Ladybug Goodies French Roast Organic Coffee


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, yet not all types of coffee are created equal. This is why here at Ladybug’s we are working our dots off to bring you this amazing French roast, organic coffee beans of unparalleled quality. Always roasted to perfection to unlock its magnificent scent and unparalleled taste. What is French roast? Very dark and oily beans, roasted almost to the point of burning with caramelized taste. Ladybug Goodies coffee is always delivered as fresh as possible to ensure that you will enjoy a unique cup of coffee that will satisfy your taste buds. Our beans are USDA and Fair Trade certified.

• 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans
• Highest Standards, coffee so fresh you would swear it was grown in the bag it comes in, perfect gift!
• Beans roasted to perfection. If they took SAT they would score a 2400
• Fair Trade USA standards and is USDA certified which means not only is the taste great but it is patriotic
• An aroma that will satisfy the pickiest drinker and other coffee brands would ware like cologne to make themselves smell more appealing
• With smooth and pleasing taste it is like drinkable jazz music

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Ladybug Goodies Website

Although Ladybug Goodies has a top rated coffee and an attractive website, we could not find coffee for sale on their website. They may only sell on


Ladybug Goodies Coffee Review

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Cup Holder”(T. @ Coffee

Ladybug Goodies French Roast Organic Coffee
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