Jungle Coffee – Howler Monkey Dark Roast


Welcome to the Jungle. Costa Rican Whole bean coffee from Costa Rica that is shade-grown in fertile volcanic soils of the Costa Rica mountains, above 600 meters. This ideal micro-climate results in a coffee crop that many gourmet connoisseurs consider to be the very best in the world. Produced in small batches, our Dark Roast coffee beans gives a savory taste and smoky aromas of dark sugar, caramel and roasted nuts, finishing off with a delicate acidity that lingers on your palate. Jungle Coffee Costa Rican Whole Bean Organic Arabica Coffee is good for the environment and for health-conscious consumers. Certified Fair Trade and 100% organic by the USDA and Farming Europe, our coffee is GMO- and pesticide-free for your health. This single-origin coffee is sourced from local growers who are fairly compensated for their crop.

Immediately after roasting, Jungle Coffee is vacuum-packed in high-barrier foil bags to maintain optimal freshness. A one-way valve on each stand-up bag allows you to keep air out and preserve your coffee is savory goodness. There are many ways to brew Arabica Whole Beans: black coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cafe au lait using French press, percolator, coffee maker, Moka pot, aeropress, cold brew and more. Enjoy them ALL with Jungle Coffee 100% Pure Costa Rican Coffee!

• Whole Bean Coffee from Costa Rica is 100% Arabica coffee beans with a medium dark roast Smoothness and Mild Acidity is ideal for Breakfast, American, New Orleans style coffee using French press, percolator, coffee maker, Moka pot, aeropress or cold brew

• Prepare a black coffee, espresso, cappuccino or a café au lait using fresh ground beans to achieve the flavor that single serve k cups or Instant coffee cannot deliver

• Organic Certified by the USDA and Farming Europe. Sourced from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. We value our growers, their families and their community by paying a fair price for their coffee

• Our Coffee is packed and vacuum-sealed for freshness immediately after roasting. A high-barrier stand-up foil bag with 1-way de-gassing valve keeps air out to prevent coffee from becoming stale

As advertised.

Official Jungle Coffee Website – Unavailable
Amazon.com – Jungle Coffee – Howler Monkey Dark Roast

An impressive upcoming coffee with exceptional reviews to date. Apparently only sold on Amazon.com, as we could not find an official Jungle Coffee Website.


Jungle Coffee - Howler Monkey Dark Roast Coffee
Jungle Coffee – Howler Monkey Dark Roast Coffee

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Cup Holder”(T. @ Coffee Beaned.com)

Jungle Coffee – Howler Monkey Dark Roast

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