Adding a little coffee to any chocolate related recipe is known to enhance the flavor of the chocolate. Now coffee is about to take a spring forward in the kitchen. With studies showing the benefits of coffee, many companies are ingeniously finding new ways to promote coffee products.

One of the more traditional way of using coffee in cooking was to add brewed coffee or fine ground coffee to a recipe. One recipe I used, called for a small amount (1 tsp to 1 tbsp) of instant Coffee to be added to the mix when making chocolate chip cookies. In case you’re not sure, Folgers is an example of instant coffee.

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Coffee extract was another coffee product used in cooking, many were artificially flavored and did not taste too realistic. However, there a few Pure Coffee extract products for cooking that are very highly rated, Nielsen-Massey Pure Coffee Extract and Watkins All Natural Pure Coffee Extract.

Watkins Natural Extract Coffee Packaging

Many people use finely ground coffee for cooking, but for some recipes it can be too gritty. If finely ground espresso beans are what you need, who but King Authur Flour, produces a fine flour sized coffee bean powder called ‘Espresso Powder’ for your recipe.

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

NEW – Trader Joes Coffee Flour

The newest addition to the list is Coffee Flour. With it’s rich anti-oxidant properties, low fat, high fiber, and mineral content it’s future is almost guaranteed. Coffee Flour is made with the “cherry” that grows along the branch’s that contain the bean (or seeds). Once the coffee beans (or seeds) are removed the leftover red cherry berry is dried, lightly roasted and pulverized into a flour-sized powder. There are numerous potential uses this nutritional flour and recipes are growing. Coffee flour has a “floral, citrus and roasted fruit-type” flavor, not a coffee flavor. Coffee flour does contain caffeine, however the amount would vary by the coffee flour content of the product.

As of mid January 2016 we could not find coffee flour available on the internet for U.S. buyers. Not even on, but we will post a product when available. Added in August 2017 – Trader Joes Coffee Flour.


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Cooking with Coffee

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