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Brazil is known the world over as one of the most prolific and dedicated of coffee producers. This selection from the Santos region is roasted to the French level. It produces a rich, full-bodied flavor yet maintains the smoothness usually found in a lighter roast. Featuring a pleasant cinnamon nuance and undertones of dark chocolate, this bean is perfect for anything from drip coffee to espresso. If you’re looking for a low-acid coffee, this roast is an excellent way to experience a dark roast and low acidity in a single cup! This is Coffee Bean Direct Roaster coffee description of Dark Brazilian Santos Coffee.

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With Amazon’s free shipping, via Amazon Prime or via greater than $35 purchase, our cost was actually lower than the CBD website.

The majority of reviews on this popular, well priced coffee, are well above average. Brazilian Santos coffee is available in a variety of larger sizes as whole bean and ground coffee. Coffee Bean Direct has an excellent variety of choice Coffees available.

Amazon’s Product Review as of Sept 2015

Coffee Bean Direct has a variety of world wide coffees, many available in larger sizes. The coffee Bean Direct website has a Roast, Acidity and Body rating scale for each coffee which we found helpful in choosing a coffee.

We discovered this reasonably priced (5Lb) 5 x 1-Pound Sampler Set, which would make a nice gift for a coffee lover.

Coffee Bean Direct Sampler Favorites

• A unique coffee sampler provides a range of coffees for the ultimate sampler experience
• Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
• Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
• Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to shipping from coffee bean direct’ s facility
• Sampler includes all of the most popular coffees CBD has to offer

Coffee Bean Direct 5 x 1 Lb Bag Sampler from CBD website
Coffee Bean Direct 5 x 1 Lb Bag Sampler on

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Cup Holder”(T. @ Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct Dark Brazilian Santos Coffee

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