Urban Brewz Black Crack Coffee

Our beans are roasted in a Gothot Ideal Rapid coffee roaster. Not only is this machine a workhorse, it is one of the only roasters made that has a “side fire” burner….whereby the “heat” is applied near the top of the drum as opposed to the bottom of the drum. This makes for evenly roasted coffee beans without that underlying “burnt” taste that you will find with “bottom fired” roasters. In addition, since Gothot designed their roasters to be “continuous roasters” we can roast in 40 lb. batches without stopping to wait for the cooling of the last batch giving us better volume in small batches for the time spent roasting.

• 1 lb of our specialty blend gourmet coffee beans in a resealable bag
• Heavy caffeine blend with a strong rich taste – A real wake-up call
• You can taste the freshness in every cup
• Freshly Roasted in small 40 lb batches

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Urban Brewz – the Coffee Roaster does not appear to have an Official website yet.

Hopefully the name of this coffee will not create a “politically correct” issue. I’m sure it is just a well thought marketing name. Urban Brewz appear to be a relativity new company, but with this interestingly named Coffee, I’m sure we have not seen the last of their Coffees.
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“Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Cup Holder”(T. @ Coffee Beaned.com)

Black Crack Coffee
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